Design / Architecture



This bench seating is's actually comfortable, beautiful and functional.  I wish I knew who the artist was.

I wonder if Harvey ever had good pizza?  Not sure...this is gone now though.  There is no signage about what it's going to be but I can barely tell what it used to be.  It's going to be niiiiiieeeeece...I can tell.


Painted in the Desert Documentary


Favorite LINKS

Ex-Seattleite takes emerald green to Chicago

Greg Gouwens who lived here for years and worked for a major architecture firm here, starts his own company.  He's taking the ideas he cultivated here and giving it a Chicago style.  We all know great things will be coming from his way!

This is the ceiling of the water tower at Volunteer Park.  I think it's super great and interesting that the outside is so dark and with such moody, old steps up, you'd expect the same at the top.  Not the case,  very bright, open and fun up top.

Went to the AIA house



I actually really liked this home.  I stress the word home.  It was extremely comfortable, well thought out and very livable.  I wasn't inspired by it but I wanted to move in or at least visit a lot.   I might have done the outside a little different but it made so much sense inside.   I would have been like...aaaaahhh, put a tree there!

They also kept a lot of the old trees!


Kikigirl deisgned this model (okay, dollhouse) in 1/2" = 1'-0"
in the year 2000

Poncho & Kikigirl constructed it out of mdf, steel and metal screen.  It is meant to be an actual house one could build and live in.  The elevator works by pulling the triangle up and down.  The glass windows also slide open on each side.  Also, the screen is meant to sheild the sun and be moveable (by a mini remote control)


.Kikigirl put it twice on Ebay as a kit for around $400.  She got like 600 hits each time but no buys.  However, recently, she got a request from a woman in CA that would like to buy it now!  ha h ha.  She wanted it put together but now Kikigirl only thinks she can do the plans.  Isn't that funny?



Where is is this model now you ask?  She has it stored in the basement!  It actually collapses quite nicely.  She tried to work on it by adding finishes and landscape.  The middle portion is supposed to be a garden.  My opinion...she should have left it alone.  SORRY KIKIGIRL!


PONCHO (& team) did a wuuuuuuunderful floor for a class this week (5th week in Feb., 08).  HAD to show you some of the pics.

It's Lake Washington (& bridges)!

Here's another, from a distance, along with the "tile" concrete of the other workers














I love this shot of the Fremont Library.
Oh sweet flowers.