All you allergy sufferers...look away.

Belltown - tiptoeing through the peas

This is an amazing pea-patch in Bell Town.  I took the picture in the evening on a rainy day so I'm linking to the locations section of the official website.  I KNOW there are a ton of great pics out there so if you need inspiration, this is a great start.  The pea-patches are well worth visiting.




Painted in the Desert Documentary


Favorite LINKS  
Parking it...non-stop

This is from the conservatory at Volunteer Park again.  LOVE this place in the winter!


THE NW GARDEN SHOW 2009 - Continued by Gale





I'm not sure if this next part is even part of the last one.  Some of them seemed to have their backsides connected to other's frontsides and they were kind of similar.  I'm just not sure.



A separate structure that everyone could walk through.  It would be a great studio or outside area. 




An old world break.


A living display.  He's not always there and then it looks strangely empty.



Not sure which structure this went to but it was another outside studio like deal.  I liked it so I'm including it.


Very simple but extremely popular.




The next few pics were of little vignettes of display.

hmmm...elvis and other?  Japanese girl looking on.  :)




This one could almost be a reset picture but the sky was too gray.



Cool?  It's growing on me...sorry about the pun.



This one just looks so 80's to me!  Maybe it's the planters punk haircut? 



The stars at night....are big and bright...



an ode to recycling complete with mandala by local children.  I like it!

The flower I got from the garden show...Do you think it'll last til next year?



Along more green lines...THE NW GARDEN SHOW 2009 by Gale

Next display...

Go ahead...touch my wall!



Sorry about the quality of the last 2 pics but I HAD to show the table and stools and the roof of the house.

Next up is  quirky and fun

Finishing with the displays with a nice circle rest......aaaaaahhhh


The floral display...just a couple of my favorites...

It seemed very conservative compared to previous years.  I was surprised at how basic the pieces were that won.  I was looking for different and creative but what actually won were pretty and I've seen before.


And now on to the quirkiest part of the show - 

The quilt / flower displays.



Next issue will have as much or more on the garden show with more main displays, some of the kid displays and some vignettes.

and one from just missed the huge bee...or did you?

On to Gale!  She went to the garden in Tacoma....I forgot the name she told me so I'll have to update later.  I think she said it was in lakewood and she had to pay to get in ($5 or $6).  She said is was really nice but different than the Bloedel reserve.

I luuuuuuv this center piece!

Weird pool that makes me feel like I'm in a strange movie.

rubber're the one!

Also, Gale did NOT go this year to the flower and garden show....booooooo.  We are all so sad since she is such a great lover of the green arts.  We all apologize for this.  NO excuses but sincere regret.




Tacoma Flower and Garden Show 2008

Okay, for 8 bucks this was actually worth seeing.  There were some cool stuff there and for the price it was worth it.  I'm still getting phone calls from a woman that says I "won" something but it's hard to believe since they have my address...JUST SEND IT IF I WON!!!  I really enjoyed watching all the workpeople work on it...very cool.  I'm going to the Seattle Flower and Garden Show which, judging from the past, is a totally different experience.  Crowded, wonderful and over-the-top displays of interiors, gardens and floral arrangements.  I do love going to that show!  I'll give updates after I've seen it.  Just another great pic of the Tacoma Home & Garden Show