More art or graffiti?

The face is about 6' high.  I just love this location!  It is by a famous art store and you can see that maybe the workers get involved?  Just thinking out loud.


Here is another pic of that same area...



check out

for the best graffiti artist I've ever seen.




Favorite LINKS  

We went biking across 90 last week and found the bike tunnel that goes under 90.  I was so happy to find such wonderful graphics!  I'm not sure how old this stuff is and it seems that any tagging is painted out BUT some of  the other designs seem to be left alone.  It's a loooooooooong tunnel and I think it would be great if they encourage art!  Here are some examples




this was definitely chalk...


this one seems to have been there for a really long time.


& down the stairs




On Westlake

we got some tude.

This is my first pic, the father of all graffiti, MR TROLL.  I will be adding many, many photo's of graffiti from around town that is new and interesting.  No offense to taggers but it's going to be the artsy stuff.