Are you still there Pacific building?  Are you?

There is soooo much construction going on in this area and I love this building.  It used to have a giant LINCOLN in script letters and neon on the top.  There was also a giant chandelier.  It walked a few,  fine lines between campy, tacky and elegance. 

Amazon is building a few buildings and most of these properties are owned by Vulcan, a Paul Allen production (hee hee).  We'll see what happens.  It's leaning more towards the trashy part since it's literally leaning.

Editor's Note...  GONE!!!

Robots going at it....grrrr!

The Robot Competitions between the high schools.  I'm so sorry about the quality of the pics!  You can see the energy there though.  We finally understood the concept by the end of the event and we still had a blast!  We were so impressed by the students...just having so much enthusiasm and fun. 

They were starting to break down but this is where the competitors were put together and repaired.




Painted in the Desert Documentary


Favorite LINKS



The Urban Fun Edition



NOT colorized!  If you like toys or are looking for a place to sleep at might know this place.  It's in Pioneer Square.  PS  I like the toys. 

This is by where I work.  I just love the garbage placed there by previous bus stop patrons.  I like how the window in the back makes the area behind kind of look like art.  It's not so great coming up from the side but an interesting theme.


See what I mean?

I just needed some color!  The rest are kind of gray too.  This one is from Fremont like Burnt Sugar above.  Look for the missile?

Not a great pic but you HAVE to see the bomb.

I want food or my owner!

Could you do something about this?




Booty joy!


I knew vacuum cleaners were up to no I have proof!


See?  He has a ship AND more friends!

I guess they're kind enough to let us know where a motel is but STILL!


Earthworks cradle.  :)  

This was done in SeaTac by Robert Morris.  There are more in Kent.  VERY cool!


I always knew they were watching me.


Cutest "sandwich board" sign award goes tooooooo..........Nervous Nellies in Ballard

This is such a great sign and one of my all time fav's.  It's really hard to get a decent pic of it though.  At night...almost impossible unless you have the good equip.  During the day...just not the same.  Glad I got this though!


I do like doggies!


Lenin says, "pull my finger!"  I heard him laugh really hard after he gave us an air biscuit.  ha ha ha ha


Somebody put a LOT of work into this plaza.  Check out what you're walking on when going to....


I just adore the stamp on the wall.  Such a cute place.


I could have danced all night...I could have danced all night...and still...


dreamed about renting this studio.  :)  It was recently renovated so I'm sure it doesn't look like this.  I wish though.  


All of the next photos were taken by Lindsay Astrab Slater and you have to have a special pass to see it now.  You CAN see it from Lake Washington but not like this!

Didn't Gwen Stefani say that God was in the details?  Oh no...that's right.  She said God was in the make-up...I think.  Kikigirl said it was Frank Lloyd van der Rohe.  Ha ha ha.  

My absolute favorite pic!...but the rest are pretty cool too.
  Thank you're the best!



Another great link for bands, arts etc. (more for locals):
For some of the art shows per day

My guy really wanted me to present this part for the upcoming baseball season.

This is the locker room



Isn't this a quintessential boy's playroom?


ha ha ha...he SO wishes


This one is for Kikigirl...can you imagine detailing this?

& the inner workings


What it looks like at the Dorkbot meeting at 911 Media Center.  It was a great presentation last night.(3-5-08).  There were only a few parts that were WAY over my head but a LOT of people seemed to understand.  Check out and for some very interesting wastings of time.


Also, make sure you check out the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) link (or google it)  cuz there are other cool stuff...the coolest being the Olympic Sculpture Park (free, yes 100% free).  If you want to get yelled at but not arrested, try and touch any of the OUTSIDE sculptures...mother nature can touch but you can't.  The yellers wear blue sweatsuits...scaaaaary.


Did you know they're having a sale at the Botox place in Fremont?  I was just wondering, does that mean I can do it myself?  It makes me laugh really hard to think about maybe having my ears done.  Or getting an alcoholic nose for spring.  What fun, what fun!  It also makes me wonder if anyone gets their booty done for the g-string area...ha ha ha.  Your booty is firm but expressionless.  


Okay, sorry about the crappy pic of the cake...but here it is as promised (see below). It actually makes it look a little better but the food is AWESOME!!!  I don't know them or receiving any credit for this...I just love their sweets...go ROYAL BAKERY!. here from downtown to get it.

Most absolutely FAVORITE bakery EVER!  It's called The Royal Bakery and is in Shoreline.  I drive from downtown to go there.  YIKES!  If you judge the actually sweets from the cake in the window, you probably would be afraid but I swear, they are amazing!  I adore the cream puffs and the cream rolls are amazin.  The owners warn A LOT that it isn't really sweet but they do actually add some sugar.  We had gone to The Great Wall and ordered a buttercream frosted cake and there was no sugar at all!  It was straight butter and I did the ultimate sin and threw it out. They HAVE SUGAR at Royal Bakery and it is yummmmmmmy.  I'll try to add a picture of the outside from the next time I go there...I'll also try to add a pic of the cake.  ha ha ha.


I wish I had thought of this idea!

Ride the Slut T-Shirts - Yes, Seattle had named it and realized toooooo late what they had done.  How to undo this awesome thing?

It's no longer free to ride the have to pay.  What does that mean?  Just wondering.

I went to that t-shirt place by the Fremont PCC, that sells local places' t's,  and looked for this t but they only had the official one.  Maybe get both?

It's actually a cool ride.

I LOVED boeing sad to see you go



I wanted to write about my love affair with the conservatory at Volunteer Park.  It starts with a sinking feeling and I can't get out of bed (could be the mold problem) but then...I take a trip to the conservatory and woolah, I'm in heaven.  The smells and light of summer are there, preserved for all of us to enjoy and get a whiff of.  It is a wondrous place.  I adore the Asian Art Museum too but the conservatory...that's the stuff.  The arid portion with the yummy, so yummy.