Fremont Sunday Market

Starts at stuffaroni.  GREAT for found objects (okay...paid for, THEN found).  There is sometimes this guy who has watch parts, typewriter parts, old flash cards etc.  You pay for it but if you find that special piece...hard to turn down.

What days you say?  ...SUNDAY

Ballard has one too.  It has only handmade goods.  Lots of yumminess in the baked good department.



Painted in the Desert Documentary


Favorite LINKS



Daiso is a great Japanese dollarish store. Actually, most everything is around $1.50. Well worth stopping at the Westlake Mall basement. The one at Alderwood Mall was the first in the US and opened in like 2003ish (I think)


The Sunday Ice Cream Cruise that departs from South Lake Union and is really fun.. It's guided by the owner and he has students help him that are super sweet. It was around $8 the last time I took it but it might be a bit more expensive now.

Great restaurant areas is Belltown and Old Ballard Ave.  Just walk around and you'll find something.  Paseo on Fremont Ave constantly wins awards and deserves it for the best sandwich EVER.  


IF you LOVE galleries, here is a great reference.  It's not ALL the galleries but there is a LOT.  Also, they have free booklets at the galleries listed. Art Access - check out the venues


The houseboats on Lake Union are popular but there are signs everywhere that say "no trespassing".  You might find one or two piers with no sign and then you can go down.  But please be quiet and considerate so the rest of us can still visit these piers



In October Kiki and Poncho went to the opening of the new Mt. Ranier Visitor's Center at Paradise.  Although we'll miss the views, the new center is wonderful.  Kiki was worried for the new finishes...they seemed a weeee bit flimsy.  The architecture details like the windows and the corners and such were amazing though.  She bought a national park passport.  I think she's been struck by the passport bug.  Also, for politicians, they were pretty good speakers...ya know...they touched elbows with the Secretary of the Interior.  Wow, you say...he's JUST an administrative offense to administrative professionals...well he IS a good speaker.












Isn't this cool?   It's beautiful but what is it?  The stamp is real and blends in so well that Kikigirl thought it was part of the brochure.  And was she supposed to pay for it?  Sorry... she says she never really understood.


And here is a great tourist idea...Kayaking!

Look at the name of the boat!  ha ha ha ha.








See that sunny day peeking out...what fun! what fun!

This is on the westlake side of Lake Union.  I think there are 2 more on Lake Union if you like an interesting above-the-water experience.  If you like an under-the-water experience, you should probably check out kayaking at The San Juan Islands. 



And finally, for this episode, Mount Ranier on a great day.